Upgrade to Share less Cluster

To upgrade from CQ 5.3 to CQ 5.4, and use the new cluster persistence:

  • Stop CQ (ensure all cluster nodes are in sync if you use clustering)
  • Replace the CQ jar file (cq5*.jar) with the new one
  • Start CQ (double click), check if everything works
  • Stop CQ
  • Change crx-quickstart/repository/repository.xml and replace the relevant config options:
<DataStore class="com.day.crx.core.data.ClusterDataStore"/>
    <Journal class="com.day.crx.persistence.tar.TarJournal"/>

  • Move all files from crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default/copy to crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default (do this for all workspaces)
  • Move all files from crx-quickstart/repository/version/copy to crx-quickstart/repository/version
  • Move the folder crx-quickstart/repository/shared/repository/datastore to crx-quickstart/repository/repository/datastore
  • Move the folder crx-quickstart/repository/shared/namespaces to crx-quickstart/repository/repository/namespaces
  • Move the folder crx-quickstart/repository/shared/nodetypes to crx-quickstart/repository/repository/nodetypes
  • Delete the file crx-quickstart/repository/revision.log
  • Delete the directory crx-quickstart/repository/shared
  • Start CQ (double click), check if everything works

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